Cat’s visit

Professional and personalised service for your cat

Cats are domestic animals attached to their territory in a specific way. For this reason, it is difficult to send them boarding in a cattery while you are away. It is more relevant to choose our home visiting option to make sure your cat stays healthy and to give all the attention he or she deserves. This service is dispensed by our neighbourhood dogwalkers. We go to your home as often as you wish, several times a day if your cat needs it ....

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Neighborhood walk

An opportunity to get some fresh air

A daily walk is essential for your dog’s well-being and balance. We offer a neighborhood walking service in Paris and the near suburbs, the occasion for your dog to go out, relieve himself, and enjoy some fresh air . You do not have to worry about a thing, we take care of everything… We welcome dogs as young as 2 months of age, expected the dog’s vaccination shots are up to date. We pick up your dog at home or any place of...

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The forest walk

Walk free !

Our activities in the forest are very unique in the way they respect the pack dynamics and help your dog socialize. Strictly recreational, our walks are specially made for your loyal four-legged friend to spend energy, while staying within the frame of basic training skills that allow a safe control of your dog, such as calling them back and walking them on a leash when necessary. During the walk, safety is our main concern. For this reason, the...

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Dog boarding

A unique facility in a breathtaking location

Originally a late 19th century farm, La Petite Crochère is located 2 hours away from Paris, in the Sarthe province. Resting at the feet of the Marcelles Alps, our boarding kennels bathes in a world of greenery, surrounded by hills, meadows and woods. We kept the authenticity of this wonderful site intact so we could offer to the dogs the best comfort that is required for their well-being. Relaxation and well-being guaranteed ! Unlike...

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No doubt… Autumn, is the season that well dressed the forest ! This week the sun shines gently on Meudon. It is for us the occasion to share a few moments of life with a walk in forest with Dogwalking. Find all our best shots of this day on our page Facebook. You will be happy to find your dog in a picture !

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La petite crochère