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DogWalking : Who are we ?

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Dog trainer

“I started my career in the world of animals like dog breeder in 2008 after a professional Bac driving and management of canine and feline farms. Then I got the certificate of ability related to pets and wild species, then I worked in various canine breeding and pensions.

I’m also specialized in the European fauna, but mainly with the wolves with recognised specialists, I was able to work in several animal parks in France but also abroad. This enabled me to improve myself and to share my experience and my knowledge of animals with the public.

Today, I work for the company DOGWALKING, which allows me to put my knowledge and experience at the service of your doggies.

Each animal has its character and its sensitivity. It’s the reason why I must adapt my method of work for the smooth running of each ride. My daily reward is the expression of their happiness when I come for them and when they have fun on the go.

It’s passion for animals which makes me want to work with dogs.”

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