During visits to cats we take

time for kitty's fun and food,

and for her well-being and relaxation.

Dogwalking services

Visits to cats

Professional and personalised service for your cat

Cats are domestic animals attached to their territory in a specific way. For this reason, it is difficult to send them boarding in a cattery while you are away.

It is more relevant to choose our home visiting option to make sure your cat stays healthy and to give all the attention he or she deserves. This service is dispensed by our neighbourhood dogwalkers.

We go to your home as often as you wish, several times a day if your cat needs it . During the 30 minute long visit (longer visits upon request), our dogwalker cleans the litter box and takes care of your cat to ensure his or her well-being. The dogwalker will feed your purring friend, and give medication if necessary.

When we come for our daily check up, we take time to share special moments playing with your cat, always with a great deal of love and stroking !

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