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10 years ago !

DogWalking : Who are we ?

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Canine and equine osteopathy therapist

Working with dogs has given me sensations which have become essential to me.

I have had a passion for animals ever since I was a little girl, and I have now been studying osteopathy for dogs and horses for 4 years , so that I can understand them better and alleviate their suffering.

The Dogwalking adventure began 3 years ago. Working and studying in parallel, my job with Dogwalking gives me the opportunity to spend a maximum of time with our four-legged friends.

With my dog Doug, it is always a pleasure to be with other dogs during our daily walk in the forest and to work off our energy together !

This experience allows me to understand, a little more every day, their behavior and their language, within the pack as well as at home.

For this reason, the opportunity to share and talk with their owners is really fortunate for me.”

Certificate of capacity n° 92.149


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