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10 years ago !

DogWalking : Who are we ?

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Dog trainer, team manager and team trainer

“I found what I needed, what would give meaning to my life when I welcomed my first dog into my home.

We bonded so naturally, he enjoyed my company as much as I loved his.

As a teenager, I could not imagine myself doing anything else than taking care of animals, so I quickly left the regular path to train myself in the education and breeding of dogs and cats.

Today, certified with a professional degree to start and manage canine and feline breeding programmes, I created my own programme with my Newfoundland, my « best loved breed  ». This new adventure takes me to dog shows where I present my dog.

Moreover, I am involved in water rescue training with my dog Havva.

Working with Dogwalking has given me plenty of satisfaction as well, more sensations, the strongest being the joy in the dogs’ eyes when we meet every morning. A shared feeling ! Our bond, and the trust they place in me make me very happy !”

Certification of capacity n° 92.140

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