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10 years ago !

DogWalking : Who are we ?

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Dog trainer, a great lover of animals

“As far as I can remember, I was always a great lover of animals, especially dogs that have always evolved within my family home.

Growing up, I knew that later I would work with animals; It is so naturally I spent my tray professional conduct and management of breeding kennel and cat I got successfully.

After futile attempts of further studies in the animal environment, I am resigned to the fact that I was a woman in the field and that the theoretical learning wasn’t enough for me; I wanted to learn from the “concrete” and stay in close collaboration with the animal.

So it is with immense joy that I discovered society Dogwalking which allows me to apply what I learned previously, all allowing me to new knowledge to learn more about our friends always hairy so fascinating!

And what’s more encouraging than the well-being that brings you to these little ones?

I never get tired to observe the happiness when they see us, or while walking happily alongside together.

I’m thrilled to have the chance to practice such a job and able to work so closely with so many dogs.

It’s a real treat on a daily basis ! ”

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