Regulations and charter / Terms & Conditions


Rules :
All dogs considered as potentially dangerous and classified as such are systematically refused. Types of dogs considered as potentially dangerous are divided into two categories :

  • First category: assault dogs
  • Second category: guardian dogs and protection dogs.

The first category includes dogs non registered in a herd-book recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, and similar in their morphological characteristics to the following pedigree dogs:

Staffordshire terrier,
American Staffordshire terrier, these two types of dogs are commonly called “pit-bulls”, Mastiff dog, commonly named “boer-bulls”, Tosa.

The second category includes:

Dogs with Staffordshire terrier’s pedigree,
Dogs with American Staffordshire terrier’s pedigree,
Dogs with Rottweiler’s pedigree,
Dogs with Tosa’s pedigree

Those dogs must be registered in a herd-book recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Dogs similar in their morphological characteristics to dogs with Rottweiler’s pedigree are also included in the second category, and non registered in a herd-book recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture.
In addition, every dog under our supervision at DOGWALKING needs to be identified or tattooed, and has an updated vaccination certificate. Should this not be the case, then for security reason (your dog and the other ones), we won’t able to take your dog.
DOGWALKING has the right not to take any dog considered as aggressive towards the other dogs or ourselves. The same applies to female dogs in heat.

We, at DOGWALKING, work in accordance with our Charter of Commitment, based on safety, quality and reliability.

We have contracted an indemnity insurance cover, as well as a professional liability insurance policy, for your dog and for ourselves.

We try as much as possible to homogenise our walking groups and we also have two dog walkers per group as a minimum standard.
We insure that each dog is kept on a leash whenever we are no longer in places where dogs can be left free, without their leash.
We transfer the dogs in a air conditioned vehicle, with appropriate ventilation, and we keep them on leash during the transfer, till we reach the requested location.
We water the dogs during and after each walk.

Mutual commitments:
As a service provider, we are engaged with you, through a contract, duly signed and followed by both parties.

You recognize that your dog is tattooed, or identified by a chip, and has an updated vaccination certificate.
For all boarding dogs, you will, as the owner of the dog, need to submit all appropriate documentation (dog’s passport, vaccination certificate).
We require that all dogs under our supervision are vaccinated against Kennel cough, and treated against ticks and tapeworms.

Obligatory vaccinations:
PNEUMODOG : If the dog has not been vaccinated with PNEUMODOG, an equivalent vaccine can be administered 15 days before the animal arrival: NOVIBAC Kc intranasally (kennel cough).
Dogs must be vaccinated for less than a year but more than 15 days. (C: distemper, H: Rubarth hepatitis, P: Parvovirus, Pi: Para Influenza, L: leptospirosis, R: Rage)

We mutually inform each other about the behaviour and health condition of the dog.
We are available and take extreme care of all the dogs under our supervision.
Even though we are making any effort to ensure the safety of your dog, you need to be aware of all related potential risks.

If ever your dog gets sick or injured while under our supervision, we bring your dog to its usual veterinary surgeon, and in case of any emergency, to the nearest one.
The cost for any veterinary service performed will be paid in advance par DOGWALKING, and reimbursed by the owner upon presentation of all receipts.

Certificates and Approvals
We hold certificates of professional competence and approvals required by the law. The professional competence is relating to activities linked to pet animals, in accordance with the Article L.214-6 of the Rural Code.
Here under are reported our certification numbers:
92.090, 92.102, 92.103, 92.108
Our boarding facilities have been approved by veterinary services.

Modalities of payment:
Payments can be made by cheques made payable to DOGWALKING, bank transfers and cash. Itemized bills of the service are always provided to customers, on paper or electronic documents.

General Terms of Sale applying to Forest walks and neighbourhood walks:

Occasional customers:
The service is to be paid directly on the same day to the dog walker, (payments by cheque made payable to DOGWALKING, or in cash, delivered in a sealed envelop).

Regular customers:
A monthly invoicing is emitted each end of the month.
We apply a sliding scale of fees based on the weekly frequency.

Books of 10 or 20 walks are payable in advance.
Books have an unlimited validity.

Booking walks:
Walks need to be booked no later than on the day preceding the desired date, subject to availability.

General Terms of Sale applying to dog boarding:

Cancellation :
In case of any cancellation more than 30 days before the desired date of the service, your down payment check (if sent to DOGWALKING) will be returned to you, without any justification.

From 30 to 15 days:
50% of the down payment will be kept

Less than 15 days:
100% of the down payment will be kept

Costs to be borne by the customer:
All fees related to the dog’s food will be borne by the customer (specific to each animal), as well as anti-parasitic treatments and/or medicines, if necessary, prescribed by the treating veterinary surgeon.

As Pro Plan’s dealers, we can feed your dog during its boarding stay, and such extra for the food will be charged on your final invoice.

Specific situations:
DOGWALKING also reserves the right to refuse any animal suffering from life-threatening condition. And such same term applies to any animal undergoing heavy medical care, for which we are not accredited as care-givers.

We provide transportation service to and from our farm « La Petite Crochère », .
Fare for a single journey: €40.
We offer a 50% discount to our regular customers (walks and/or boarding service).

Your booking is final only after confirmation from DOGWALKING, submitted to the three following conditions.
Once we have met your dog after a forest walk;
Upon receipt of a 30% down payment for the booking;
Full payment to be made no later than the first boarding day.


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