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began in 2004

with our dog Newton...

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The story of the Dogwalking company started in 2004, with our dog Newton…We owe this great adventure to him. The original idea was to propose to dog owners the oppotunity to have their pet walked to preserve their well-being and good health in a context of socialisation, because it is what we wished for our beloved Newton. Once we had succesfully wrestled through the many steps to create a company, Dogwalking was born, on the 4th of february 2004.

‘I started walking the dogs on my own, and when the project began to take off, Karine joined me” says Wilfrid. Soon, we expanded our offer, adding new services to answer more relevantly to the needs of our clients, services such as boarding, walks in the neighborhood, food delivery, veterinarian follow-up… During these early days, we acquired a strong experience on the field with our furry friends, and living with them on a daily basis helped us understand them. After forming a great duo for 4 years, we decided to let someone else join in and invited Jean-Louis, our first employee, to be part of the team. Since May 2010, in order to better meet your expectations, we entirely restructured a farm, making it dog proof .

We put all our knowledge and skills at your dog’s service, and we do our best to meet your expectations by offering  a great variety of activities. We started with the forest hike,  which allow the dogs to socialize and thrive, thus guaranteeing their well-being. We then quickly developped new services, like boarding, neighborhood walks, dog food deliveries…


Expertise at your dog’s service
Today our team, strong of 20 colleagues all qualified in domestic animal handling, is omnipresent on the field and possesses a great knowledge in dog behavior. Our level of expertise allows us to frequently work alongside veterinarians, behavior specialists and dog trainers. In 2010, we opened a boarding facility, La Petite Crochère, a farm which was completely modeled after our philosophy. This doghouse is a magic /special place where dogs comfortably live among another, in an exceptional and natural environment. Our true ambition is to guarantee a unique quality of service, according to the idea that the dog, Canis Lupus, a wolf descendent, is a free living creature, who needs its balance and well-being preserved in the dynamics of a pack life.


« J’espère être l’homme que mon chien aurait aimé avoir » – « I hope to be the man that my dog would have liked to have »
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